Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Our Natural weight loss and Obesity Program is among the most effective natural weight loss programs available. It is a combination of years of research and ancient Ayurveda & Yoga therapies.


It is a combination of years of research and ancient Ayurveda & Yoga therapies. Besides the under mentioned therapies, Medicated Ghee drinking (snehapanam), Lekhna Vasti (medicated colon cleanse with special herbal formulations), Steam Therapy and Podikhizi are also be given based on each individual’s body type. This unique combination of therapies brings effective and successful results ie. if all doctor’s advice, treatments and suggestions are followed.


Fistula-in-ano (Bhagandar) is a disease in which there develops a track between perianal skin and/or rectum or anal canal. The main symptom that appears is mucopurulent discharge through the external opening present anywhere in the perianal area. This sometimes leads to itching and or burning sensation. A PNS is a condition that mostly affects men and is also common in young adults. It’s also more common in people who are required to sit for long periods of time due to work, etc.

Weight loss & Obesity Reduction Yoga

Our weight loss program combines the best Ayurveda therapy with weight loss Yoga and Meditation. Special asana are given to each individual to practice every day. Remarkable difference can be seen if all the therapies and recommendations are followed. Yoga & Meditation is highly recommended. Meditation strengthens your mind and helps you in keeping your resolve in losing weight.

Special Weight loss diet & Cooking Classes

We prepare special meals for the weight loss program guests and it is individualized to help one achieve natural and effective weight loss.Meals are prepared usingfresh and organic* ingredients. Weight gain can be attributed to consuming unhealthy food combinations and not just the quantity of food consumed.

In our Ayurveda Cooking Classes we teach you how to prepare some of the very popular dishes that are served at the retreat.

*as available

Nature Walks and exercise

An integral part of every weight loss program is exercise. There are several nature paths/walks in and around the retreat that you can enjoy. Join us in exploring nature or find yourself by being one with nature. You will discover various animals, birds and plants that you may have never seen before. Some of them include the wild buffalo/bison, the nilgiritahr, and several species of birds and plants like the nilgiri tea, the nilgiri “tel” (Eucalyptus)tree and others. Welcome to Mother Nature in its glorious splendor.


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