Kidney Disease

Kidney Disease

Kidney is the very important organ for maintain the homeostatic balance of body fluids by removing waste out of body.


Chronic kidney disease (CKD) refers to irreversible deterioration in renal function which develops over period of years.


In acute kidney disease these symptoms develops in weeks time. its easily manageable than the chronic kidney disease.


In CKD treatment of choice is dialysis and renal transplantation which is more cost and complexity can’t afford for every CKD patients and few patients are able to obtain adequate treatment for kidney disorders.


In Ayurveda CKD, described as a Mootra dosh vikara and causes of edema. Both Kidney are root of Medovaha srotas. According to Acharya charak the causes of Mootra dosha vikara are the doshas vitiated by the intake of drinks and food, sexual intercourse while having the urge for micturition, and suppression of the urge of micturition, disorders of wasting or malnutrition and severe traumatic injury. Kidney diseases are treated with shodana,panchakarma therapies,herbal diuritics and special diet.abyanga-massage,kizhi-herbal pouch application,siro dhara etc treatments are highly helpful and they can revive the diseased kidneys.


Chronic kidney disease is progressive forms of renal disorders associated with reduced renal function having no well known etio-pathogenesis.


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