City of Coonoor

Healing Environment

The success of any treatment depends on a healing environment, pure air, water and food. Many health centers are situated in cities, which are increasingly polluted and congested. Cities with their harmful levels of Air, Water and Noise Pollution, are not ideal places to treat diseases or to relax

Set amidst lush green tea plantation with healing eucalyptus forests, Ayurveda Retreat is the ideal environment for reviving and rejuvenating. The pure mountain air and sounds of nature help cleanse and purify your mind and body. Every meal is made fresh with the Retreats own source of mineral water and organic* vegetables. The retreat is adequately staffed to provide a comfortable stay

Being a Health Center, individual and personalized care is offered. Customized treatment programs help effective healing and quicker results


Coonoor town is nature at its finest with her green rolling hills, enchanting woods, numerous water streams and waterfalls. The weather is just right year around with temperatures rarely exceeding 30 degrees centigrade. Coonoor is often referred to as the Sunny Scotland of the East! Although surrounded by the beautiful blue hills and valleys of evergreen forests, Coonoor is only 90 minutes away from the well-connected Coimbatore International Airport and train station. Recreational activities in and around Coonoor include golfing, boating, shopping and visiting the several cultural and mountain festivals. Steam train is still operational here and a common means of transport to Ooty

Please note that Coonoor is in rural India and the infrastructure is not as developed as in the west countries. However, it is part of the unique experience of Incredible India and that is why most people choose to come here!

**If you expect a 5 star rated western style resort, then our retreat is NOT suitable for you!