4 Major Aspects of Achara Rasayana (Mental Discipline) In Psychosomatic Disorders

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The term Achara signifies the physical and mental conduct of an individual and it has been designate as a Rasayana i.e, a vitalizer agent for the entire span of life. This is a measure having no involvement of drugs, may replenish and maintain the total life process free from ailments.

    The concept of Achara Rasayana for better understanding can be divided under the following aspect.

  1. Psychological Aspect
  2. Social and Behavioral Aspect
  3. Religious and Spiritual Aspect
  4. Personal Aspect

1. Psychological Aspects

  • Satyavadi – one who speaks truth
  • Akrodhi – who is free from anger
  • Ahimsaka – who hurts no one
  • Anayasa – avoids over strain
  • Prashanta – is tranquil of heart
  • Priyavadi – fair spoken
  • Japa para – devoted in repetition of holy chants
  • Asankeernam – devoid of narrow mindedness

2. Social and Behavioral Aspects

  • Satyavadi – one who speaks truth
  • Nivruttam Madhya maithunath – who abstains from alcohol and sexual desires
  • Deva go brahmana guru vruddha archana ratam – delights in reverencing gods, cows, elders and teachers.
  • Anrusham – who is attached to non-violence
  • Anahankrutam – free from egoism
  • Upasitaram vruddhanam – who is attached to elders

3. Religious and Spiritual Aspects

  • Dharmashastraparam – who always respects dharmagranthas
  • Adhyatma pravanendriyam – who indulges in spiritual texts
  • Tapaswinam – who meditates

4. Personal Aspects

  • Shouchaparam – who maintains cleanliness
  • Samajagarana swapna – moderate in waking and sleep
  • Nityam ksheera grithashinam – who consumes milk and ghee everyday
  • Desha kala prmanagnam – who is having proper knowledge of desha and kala
  • Jitatmanam – having self control

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