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According to Ayurveda , everybody is unique . They will all have one (or) other special characters.

  • Physical or mental peculiarities. So such features which are acquired by birth is called as Prakriti.
  • Prakriti is defined as the group of characters inherited by an individual from the sperm of father and the ovum(egg) of the mother.
  • The Prakriti is determined by the predominance of Dosha’s during sexual intercourse of parents.

        E.g  During sex – If father has high vata and mother has high pitta then the child will have vata and pitta character.

Very rarely, one can come across a person who has all the three doshas who is considered as healthy and will remain healthy forever and will seldom suffer from diseases.

  The body type or prakriti will never change birth to death ,it stays the same – your basic characters never change. But when the age advances ,you may know how to control certain bad behaviours. e.g  pitta person tend to get angry always but when maturity comes, he may get angry but he will control it.  But that doesn’t mean that he has overcome his anger.

     What are the things or characters which influence the formation of body type?

  1.  The characters of sperm and ovum (if the quality of sperm is good , the person will have good quality body type). Because of this, Ayurveda says the couple should never plan for a child when they are sick.
  2. Time – During the Pregnancy – The Environment also influences the child. The mother should always be in a good environment( without alcohol, cigars ,drugs etc.)
  3. Always be with good people. The mother should spend time with good people.
  4. Food and drinks of the mother . Bad food causes bad characters in the child.
  5. The condition of uterus ( womb)
  6. Season – In India , the woman is not allowed to get pregnant in certain seasons which means the extreme weather conditions may affect the pregnancy.
  7. The people around the pregnant woman also influence the baby which means that if people around her is hurting or saying bad about the pregnant lady, then it affects the child.
1 Body – built Lean and thin as a child. They will hardly gain weight and will have good height. Moderately built. Height and weight will be moderate. They gain evenly all over the body. Big. Good built broad shoulders. Pot belly. They easily gain weight.
2 Body Weight Normal or sometimes below normal. Equal weight to B.M.I Over weight above B.M.I
3 Strength and Immunity Low strength.low immunity.Prone to diseases. Moderate strength, moderate immunity Good strength. Excellent immunity.
4 Hair Thin hair knotted. Sparse, dark brown to black Early baldness, early grey hairs, too much hair, light, full brown, soft. Curly hair, luxurious thick, oily dense.
5 Eyebrows Thin Scanty, not too much hair Thick eyebrows, united eyebrows
6 Forehead Small and thin forehead Wide forehead i.e The hair creases will be more. Too much space between hair crease and forehead. Thick and broad forehead.
7 Eyes Small/Black/Brown Green/Grey Big/White/Moist/calming
8 Nose Uneven/Crooked/small/bent Pointed nose/red nose tip. Big/Broad nostrils/Button nose.
9 Lips Dry/Thin lips Red lips with some inflammation. White/Big/Pale lips
10 Teeth Large/Protuding/ more cavities Medium/Grey or yellowish White /even/beautiful
11 Cheeks Rough,not fat Smooth/flat/blemishes like acne Excessive/fat /smooth
12 Chin Thin/Angular Tapering Double chin
13 Neck Tall neck Medium Big/short/folded
14 Chest Small with bones protruding/small breasts Medium/medium breasts Big/ Hanging breasts
15 Voice/speech Unclear/protuding Sharp/medium/pitched Low pitched beautiful voice
16 Belly button Uneven/protuding Small/oval Big/Stretched
17 Hips Small Medium Big
18 Joints and nail Small/cracks/rough Medium/hot Big/well lubricated
19 Finger Long/Boney prominant Medium Short
20 Skin Dry/dark thin skin Moderate, reddish white some dots, acne and eruptions Oily skin/thick/pale whiteQ
21 Appetite Irregular, some times more, some times less,eating also unstable. They can stay without food also Extreme appetite. They have to eat at time. They cant tolerate hunger Steady Appetite,They can wait to eat but cannot skip the meal.
22 Bowel movements(toilet) Most of the time constipated,once in two or three days,pellet stools Loose tools mostly twice a day,sometimes hard stools Banana stools
23 Sleep Not good/light sleepers.Maximum 5-6 hrs disturbed sleep Moderate,7-8 hours of sleep Deep sleep.8-11 hrs too much
24 Physical activity Too much.They like running,jogging,exercise etc. Moderate exercise Lazy, don’t like to exercise. Less physical activity
25 Taste They like sweet, salt, sour, oily, heavy and warm Light, cold, sweet, bitter, astringent Dry, light, hot and spicy, pungent, bitter and astringent.
26 Climate Don’t like cold climate Don’t like hot, prefers cold climate. Likes moderate climate
27 Dreams Flying, running fearful dreams. Firey, war violence Snow, lake romantic.
28 Thirst Sparse , sometimes drink too much or sometime not too much. Basically they drink less water Extreme thirst. They drink 2-3 litres. Easily dehydration. Moderate 1-2 litres
29 Sexual urge Frequent, not romantic Moderate, extreme sex Not frequent, they like romance and like foreplay.
30 Memory Short term memory, tend to forget memories easily Good but not long lasting, not prolonged. Slow in reading and memorising but stays for ever.
31 Finance/money Spends unnecessarily /don’t save money. They spend only for necessary purpose. Saves money for achieving something. Saves a lot of money. Misers/ don’t give money to anyone.
32 Friends Easily make friends but not close with anyone. Selective friends but very warm friendship. Very less friends but ok with them
33 Mental behaviour Anxious, panic, fearful. Fights but forgets. (no grudge) asks dynamic questions, restless,once threatened they runaway. Experiences anger, hate jealous, extremist, vindictive, selfish, judgemental, artistic, aggressive, easily fights and has grudge. Slow attracted, experiences aptly, crying mentality, feel victimised, emotional, non selfish, logical, stable, calm. They don’t like fights. Not strong hearted.
34 Pulse Fast, erratic Moderate jumping Slow , steady
35 Pulse rate 80 – 100 beats/minute 70 – 80 beats 60 – 70 beats


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