Divine therapy in Ayurveda

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Dr.R.Ramachandran, Former C.O.E, R.K.M.Vivekananda college, Chennai


शरीरमाद्यंखलुधर्मसाधनम्A strong body is the foremost condition to perform any dharmic action. In order to possess a strong body, it is imperative to rectify, any prevalent imbalance and to maintain the equilibrium. To achieve this, the ancient Rishis, viz, Charaka, Susruta, Patanjali and so on, in their immense wisdom and foresight, have integrated drug-based treatments, Yoga with prayers and mantras. The mantras and prayers, which provide the immense mental strength, becomes the most significant component due to the presence of the mental aspect in both diseases of the mind and body. It is perhaps the reason why Daivavyapāśraya Cikitsā has found a place in  Ayurvedic text like Charakasamhita.  Further, it is a customary practice to worship, the Sun God, who is considered as the bestower of good health आरोग्यंप्रददातुनोदिनकरः”. Yoga Sastra also mentions the performance of the Suryanamaskara only with certain mantras.    

The prevention and the cure of diseases through prayers have also been emphasized by our Rishis in their various prayers and devotional hymns.

Hence the prayer:  


By the grace of Lord Madhava, a dumb person can speak eloquently and the lame can climb mountains. Further Mookapanchasathi was written by Mooka Sankara, a dumb, who by the blessings of the Goddess Kanchi Kamakshi was able to recite the verses extolling Her.

 Another well-known example of the power of prayer is that of the renowned Sanskrit Scholar Sri Narayana Bhattathiri, who was cured of paralysis as he sat in worship composing the Narayaneeyam, verses in praise of the Lord of Guruvayoor. All this and more go to prove that by upasana of the Ishta Devata deadly ailments can be cured. This is why ancient seers, whether Advaitins, Vishishtadvaitins or Dvaitins apart from writing siddhanta granthas, simultaneously also wrote stotra granthas for the cure of dreaded ailments through prayers.

To cite few examples of devotionals hymns, in SubrahmanyaBhujangam and Siva BhujangaStotras composed by most revered Sri Adi Sankaracharya, he has prayed to Lord Subrahmanya and Lord Siva to prevent and cure deadly diseases. Thus, the slokas,  




मृगाःपक्षिणोदंशकायेचदुष्टा- स्तथाव्याधयोबाधकायेमदङ्गे।

भवच्छक्तितीक्ष्णाग्रभिन्नाःसुदूरे  विनश्यन्तुतेचूर्णितक्रौञ्जशैल॥

Here, Sri Adi Shankaracharya states that most dreaded diseases would vanish by the grace of Lord Shanmukha and his sacred ash.   

He also powers of your scared weapon destroy diseases even before they can approach me".  Says the Acharya.

In his Shiva Bhujangam, he says



 “Lord Siva is the first physician by whose Blessings several physical ailments can be cured” He continues,



Seeking Lord Shiva's blessings, beseeching him to cure his mental stress and fatigue, removing the pangs of sorrow that threaten to overwhelm him.”

Though in the light of DaivavyapāśrayaCikitsā, Ayurveda states that the diseases are the outcome of Karma, these prayers play a very pivotal role in installing confidence and strength in the minds of patients.  Beyond the control of great physicians and powerful medications, upasana, chanting mantras, reciting of slokas etc. give great relief.    



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