Prasuti Tantra & Streeroga/Ayurvedic Gynecology, Obstetrics and Pediatrics

Prasuti tantra deals with pregnancy, labour and puerperium and Streeroga deals with management of diseases manifesting specially in women

Charaka Samhita is the major text of Ayurveda where sage Agnivesa says that women are the source of progeny who are affected with many yoni disorders or genital problems.

Sometimes diseases of women arise due to intake of improper food and regimen. This ultimately results in imbalance of the three doshas -Vata, Pitta and Kapha along with blood, present in the reproductive organ, giving rise to many diseases. Each disease has its own characteristic symbol, depending upon the combinations of the doshas involved. For example, when Vayu gets aggravated in the reproductive organs and genitals, it results in various kinds of pain, stiffness, a sense of ants crawling on the body, hardness or numbness of the vagina, exhaustion, rough and thin menstrual bleeding, a feeling of instant relief after the discharge of the menstrual blood etc. Similarly when Pitta is aggravated in reproductive organ, it gives rise to other types of symptoms like inflammation, burning sensation, swelling, fever, heat, discoloration of menstrual blood etc. When Kapha is aggravated a cold itching sensation in the genital takes place along with mild pain and pale menstrual flow.